The Call for Adventure



Jackson Elias’ Will

• Elias has given full power of attorney to Ramsey, who has complete authority to liquidate his assets.

• Ramsey is instructed to use these assets to create and manage a fund.

• Elias requests that any friends make use of this fund to continue his investigation of the Carlyle Expedition.

• Ramsey will make disbursements from the fund to pay for travel, accommodation, living costs, equipment purchases, legal bills, and medical expenses. Participating investigators should make sure they acquire the necessary receipts and send them on to Ramsey in a timely fashion.

• Ramsey is also to act as a central point of contact for those involved. If the investigators split into multiple groups, he will coordinate communications between them. He will also assist with recruitment if the investigators need to hire people with special skills, or to bolster their numbers should any of them be unable to continue.

• When he visited Ramsey the previous week, Elias also left a note to be read to the investigators in the event of his death (In Media Library – New York Handouts/NYC #10)

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The Mystery Team

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