The Mystery Team


March 14th session

Previously, on Masks of Nyarlothotep…

2:pm Monday, January 19th, 1925

After leaving Emerson Imports, the party decides to scout out the JuJu House. But first, check in with Carlton Ramsey at his office. The team takes a cab up to Harlem and stops by the office. Ramsey is on the phone, but his niece hands the party a note from Rebecca Shosenberg, it read, “This is important, meet me at Lafayette Theater tomorrow at 10:am. Make sure that you are not followed.”

The team continues up 137th Street and drops Roy off about a block before the JuJu House before driving past and waiting for his report. Roy walks up the block and looks down Ransom Lane, a cluttered alleyway that ends in a small courtyard with two doors. One is the JuJu House, the other an abandoned pawn shop. Roy believes that he can get another view of the JuJu House from the next block, so upon hopping back into the cab, they drive around the block to see the old pawn shop, and where the JuJu House is located, three barred windows on the first floor. Nick comes up with the idea of renting of buying the pawnshop as a way of spying on the JuJu House without making the proprietors of the JuJu House suspicious.

Having finished their scouting mission, they stop back off at Ramsey’s office and contact Buford Sampson, a real estate agent, in regards to leasing the pawnshop. They are to meet Mr Sampson tomorrow in front of the pawnshop at 1:pm.

11:am Tuesday, January 20th, 1925

The Mystery Team takes a cab up to the Lafayette Theater. Rebecca waits for them under the marquee. The crew follows her inside while Roy waits outside as the lookout. Inside, Millie Adams leads the group to an isolated box seat in the empty theater to tell her story. She tells of Hilton’s awareness of Harlem folks going missing once a month, Of his teaming up with the Harlem Hellfighters and going on patrols, and of his suspicions about the JuJu House. She herself had seen a large group of folks gather at the JuJu House one night as well as a few cops going in and out on occasion. Once, she was almost spotted by someone hanging out in the alleyway, so she stopped spying on them. Now, she fears for her life. Rebecca is taking her upstate after the interview.

1:pm Tuesday, January 20th, 1925

The cab arrives outside the abandoned pawnshop. The real estate agents walk the group through the pawnshop. It’s cold, dingy, and has a rodent issue. It’s perfect! The group heads to the real estate agent’s office to finalize the paperwork.

5:pm Tuesday, January 20th, 1925

Once the paperwork is finished, the crew heads over to Fat Maybelle’s in hopes of talking with the Harlem Hellfighters. After convincing the doorman that the party wasn’t there to cause trouble, they were let in. Nick saddled up to the soda jerk, ordered drinks, and attempted to find the Harlem Hellfighters with little luck. Norman leaned in and asked specifically for Needham Johnson, and the soda jerk pointed them out at one of the booths. Norman got a fresh round of coffee for the guys as Nick and Harry carried over their egg creams with an oddly ostentatious amount of decorative fruit and cocktail umbrellas over to the booth.

Norman convinces Hilton’s friends that they are above board, on the level, and are willing to commit to helping exonerate Hilton. The party learns that the Hellfighters discovered that people seemed to go missing around the time of the full moon. The next full moon is in two weeks (February 8th). Also, that Hilton was framed shortly after throwing his suspicions towards the JuJu House. They and their families were all threatened by the police. And that Hilton had managed to snatch a strip of red cloth from an assailant’s mask, but the cops either have all their evidence in a storage locker somewhere or it’s already been destroyed. When Nick asks for the Hellfighters’ help, they are hesitant but could be convinced. They take down Ramsey’s office number and the group leaves the coffee shop.


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