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March 28th Session

Wednesday, January 21st
The morning (10:am) after meeting w the Harlem Hellfighters, Norman and Nick intended to go to the JuJu house to introduce themselves as the new neighbors (having picked up a year-long lease to the abandoned pawn shop next door). On thier way, outside in the alley, they noticed two vagrants shuffling around. Inside the JuJu house was cramped w African goods in every conceivable space. They met Silas K’Wane (sp?), who seemed very friendly and encouraging. He gave Nick an African figurine made of yarn and a kind of nut and told them to hang it in their shop for “good luck and much prosperity”.

Norman endeared himself even more to the old man by recognizing a Kenyan artifact (I forgot what) and asking about it.

They both observed a key on a leather thong around the old man’s neck and a door behind the counter. Nick asked if he could use the man’s bathroom, but Silas politely refused, referring to the space behind the door as his private quarters and not for the public.

Nick asked about the vagrants outside and Silas said that they were harmless and kept an eye on the shop for him in exchange for some food now again. Nick also bought a wooden replica of a Nigerian knife (no relation to the African knives you saw before), and they left the shop to meet up w Harry.

They recounted their conversation with Harry.

End of session.


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