Character Creation

We’ll be using the Point Buy system for the initial Characteristics (Option:4 pg 60 of the Investigators Guide).


Characteristics: Point Buy – 460pts (nothing below 40)
Hit Points: CON + SIZ /10
Magic Points: 1/5th POW
Luck: 2D6 + 6 × 5
Occupational Skills: 70, 60, 60, 50, 50, 50, 40, 40, 40
Personal Interest Skills: INT x 2
STR + DEX < SIZ = 7
STR + DEX = SIZ = 8
STR + DEX > SIZ = 9
Dodge: 1/2 DEX
Build & Damage Bonus: STR + SIZ (see Table 1, pg 48)


Virtually any investigator occupation is suitable for this campaign. The campaign’s prologue scenario concerns an archaeological expedition; consider what sort of occupations would be most appropriate for such a venture. Some ideas:

Knowledgeable types: Antique Dealer, Archaeologist, Author, Clergy, Doctor, Historian, Journalist, Linguist, Missionary, Museum Curator, Occultist, Scientist.
Expedition guides and security: Big Game Hunter, Boxer/ Wrestler, Explorer, Mechanic, Military Officer/Soldier, Sailor, Mountain Climber, Outdoorsman, Translator.
Aids and assistants: Butler/Valet/Maid, Photographer, Researcher, Secretary, Student, Bodyguard.
Those seeking an escape: Criminal, Dilettante, Gentleman/Lady.
Those seeking inspiration: Actor, Artist, Musician, Missionary, Occultist.

Please include in the backstory, why this character is joining the Larkin Expedition.


You’ll also need to create a backup character, for those times that a roll just doesn’t go your way, and your main character winds up dead, mad, missing, or dragged off by cultists.

New investigators should either be connected with the place at which they first enter the game or be connected via another character, which could be a relationship to one or more of the investigators or an ally NPC.

Try to create plausible reasons for the introduction of a replacement investigator, consistent with the logic of the campaign. Possibly part of a loose organization to feed replacement investigators into the campaign, as and when needed. Given the global nature of the campaign, replacement player characters who are not currently near to the investigators must be given adequate transit time to bring them in by ship or train. Most likely, such characters are told to meet the investigators at their next port of call. Let me know if you have any questions or if you’re struggling to come up with a plausible way to bring the new character into the campaign.

Character Creation

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